Questions? Project inquiries? Let’s talk!

I do.

  • Meet deadlines consistently and turn things around quickly.
  • Take commission requests (your dog, your cat, your family)—providing they fit in my schedule. (Send me a description of what you want and I’ll put together a price.)
  • Sell prints of most of the art on this site—as long as I own the copyright. (Inquire with desired print size for pricing.) Check out my Redbubble and Etsy shop for C.S. Jennings goods!
  • Webinars and Skype visits. (Limited availability.)

I don’t.

  • Draw for free. (Except for my grandmothers.)
  • I am not open for queries from authors to illustrate books. I am flattered and honored to be considered. Thank you!

That’s it. Still here? Contact me! Let’s work together.

* SCBWI Austin chapter illustrator stuff (of which I am the illustrator coordinator): email me here.